Welcome To Perry County Life!

Image of excavation equipment rolling onto my property

Excavation Begins

Work finally began on my new Log Home project over the past two weeks. A very exciting time for me as I begin my new life up here in Perry County. It all began when excavation equipment drove onto my property for the first time!


About Brother John

I’m a 6′4″ 240 pound 61 year old widowed man and miraculous survivor of a hematological (blood based) cancer. The cancer pretty much destroyed my left hip and upper left femur. As a result, I needed three major operations that eventually led to a total hip replacement. I I became widowed back in 2012 from a severely disabled (muscular dystrophy) woman after 37 years of marriage. I am also a retired Senior Software Developer (medical systems) from Gift of Life Donor Program (GLDP). My hobbies include music, art, origami, digital graphics and animation, reading, and cats. I have one cat at the moment, Stella Blue.
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2 Responses to Welcome To Perry County Life!

  1. L says:

    Brother John — Welcome to Perry County to you !
    We hope you will be blessed and enjoy living on “the edge of country”, as Siggy calls it.

    • Brother John says:

      Thank you “L”. The site is just a placeholder for now, but I do have big plans for it. Thanks for the nice Welcome! Also I updated my profile so it is now current!

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