Moving Heaven and Earth! Well… Earth!

Big pile of Earth moved during excavation.

Moving Heaven and Earth!

With the excavation equipment on the premises, no time was wasted moving a lot of earth to make room for where my new log home will be placed. We were lucky on my site in that the dig was somewhat easier than expected. We had no real bedrock to hinder us, and very little in the way of large rocks or beds of shale. Made things go rather quickly!


About Brother John

I’m a 6′4″ 240 pound 61 year old widowed man and miraculous survivor of a hematological (blood based) cancer. The cancer pretty much destroyed my left hip and upper left femur. As a result, I needed three major operations that eventually led to a total hip replacement. I I became widowed back in 2012 from a severely disabled (muscular dystrophy) woman after 37 years of marriage. I am also a retired Senior Software Developer (medical systems) from Gift of Life Donor Program (GLDP). My hobbies include music, art, origami, digital graphics and animation, reading, and cats. I have one cat at the moment, Stella Blue.
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